Sunday Worship @ 2 Locations:
Mt. Nebo Baptist Church @ 8:30AM
8801 Bluff Road, Eastover, SC 29044

St. John Baptist Church @ 11:00AM
230 J.W. Neal Circle, Hopkins, SC 29061

Pastor Bible Study
Mt. Nebo Baptist Church @ 7PM on Wednesday Nights

St. John Baptist Church @ 7PM on Thursday Nights

Accredited Seminary Classes
TBA each sememster. Call 803-776-7830

Homeless Feeding
Held the 2nd Saturday of each month. From 8AM to 10AM at St. John Bapt. Church.

This ministry seeks to provide food and clothing to the homeless. We also make referrals to shelters that may be able to provide temporary living arrangements. Transportation for the homeless is provided to the resource support site where we also provide emotional and spiritual support.

Veterans Support
Held the 2nd Saturday of each month. From 10AM to 11AM at St. John Bapt. Church.

This is a support group that provides spiritual, emotional, and administrative support to veterans. Our motto is "All for One and One for All". The group meets once a month to share info regarding veterans benefits and entitlements.

Prayer Covenant
This ministry sponsors a quarterly One Hour of Power prayer crusade. It is a call for community prayer time that challenges believers to come out from behind the four walls of the church to pray for our church, family, community, and nation. Crusades are announced through advertisement. If you want to be a part of this exciting move of God call 803-447-1291.

Soul Survivors Ministry

This ministry (JUMPS) is established:

+ To provide structured enriching learning opportunities
+ To provide engaging opportunities to grow and learn
+ To link school day and after school curriculum.

This is a year round program for children ages 6-18. Program is kept at an affordable cost of $2.00 per day. Transportation is provided from school to the site. Summer Camp cost is advertized one month prior to the end of school term. Children are exposed to career management, health and life skills, motivational programs, social recreation, conflict or violence resolution, substance abuse prevention and many conferences or seminars. This is a non profit 501 (c) 3 program

Conducts Empowerment
Seminars, Conferences and Workshops.

Team Building
This workshop enables team members to identify the inhibitors to teamwork and remove or overcome these inhibitors, by assessing the team’s current strengths and weaknesses, and as a result identify any gap between the desired state and the actual state of the team to design a gap-closure strategy.(1-4 hours workshop)

This workshop will examine the roll of school staff in creating a safe and nurturing environment and addresses present day issues in our society that negatively impact school morale. (1-4 hours workshop)

Dealing With Grief
This powerful workshop is geared toward helping school workers, school psychologists, guidance counselor, and school personnel better serve students coping with the emotional response to loss. (1-2 hours workshop)

Remembering The Teacher's Mission
This highly-interactive workshop will explore how teachers’ individual behavior, and value system affect students’ social development and classroom performance. (1-2 hours workshop)

Please Call 803-447-1291